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Neil Mitchener

Hello fellow thespians. So, I decided to start my own amateur group in 2003 after having worked for some 15 years backstage at The Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne under the guidance of Ashley Thorne. Other venues include The Allendale, Pavilion and the BIC in Bournemouth, Barrington in Ferndown, Regent in Christchurch, Leicester Square Theatre in London and many small village halls around the surrounding area.

We always welcome all who like to come along to see our shows and thus giving support for amateur theatre to continue for all our enjoyment. If you are interested in being part of our shows (cast or crew) then please contact us.


Debbie Fenella

Hi my name is Debbie Fennella. I am an Actress/Dancer & Top Soprano singer with musical Theatre & operatic background.

I have worked with Neil at Blue Moon, and have performed several shows with him, and thoroughly enjoyed, even being assistant producer at one time! They are a lovely group who work together well putting on amateur shows locally in Dorset.

I have also performed on many shows including TV and radio, and qualified certified TV presenter at Pinewood studios. Presenter/Reporter at Soul Central TV


John Walker

Hello I am John Walker and first met Neil in my pub in Poole .Dorset. This is where he discovered that I love the English language, especially the long words as used in the “Good Old Days” as used by the great Leonard Sachs, “chairman” on that show!

After a lot of chatting with Neil, I became his “advisor” for the compere on his show. Great fun, and I enjoyed working with them! Here are a few examples…………..


Graham Such

Hello, I am Graham Such and have worked with Neil many times on his local shows currently also directing the Blue Moon Christmas Show. I also perform shows for other companies in and around the local area.

I first met Neil in a hotel in Wimborne , where we chatted for some time, so we could get to know one another, and I could explain the various acts I could perform.

Following that, I went on to perform in quite a few of his shows, enjoying them all. Even my son joined in at times!


Phil Redgrave

Hello I am Phil Redgrave. I am very pleased to be involved with Blue Moon Entertainers.
I've been a friend of Neil's for many years and have been involved in many productions with him. We first met at the Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne Dorset, where we were together doing pantomime! Many years ago!

I have played many leading roles over the years, including Oklahoma, Carousel, The King and I, The Sound of Music and Gigi, at venues such as, The Lighthouse Poole, Regent Christchurch, The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne and now the Allendale Wimborne with Blue Moon Entertainers.

Mike Rustici

Mike Rustici

Hi I’m Mike Rustici, I am the Sound Technician for Blue Moon . I have appeared in several of their productions over the past few years. I have appeared at the Leicester Square Theatre in London's West End in a stage adaptation of the Sci-Fi horror film Alien, two years running.

I have known Neil for many years , both of us driving buses locally, and becoming good friends. It's always good fun working on his shows, both on & off stage!

My first show with Neil, was in the Robin Hood Panto in 2011 , where he asked me to play the villain, THE SHERRIF, great fun under his direction!. I then played the “CHAIRMAN” in Neil’s version of the GOOD OLD DAYS, called OLD TIME VARIETY SHOW playing the Chairman using all the long words under John Walker’s great help!


May Hollingsworth 

Hello my name is May I have been with Blue Moon for some years now, I am a soprano, retired and live in Wimborne. I enjoy the shows we do and the friends I have made in the company, and hope to perform in many more successful shows.

I first met Neil to dsicuss his show, along with my daughter Debbie, also in his show, in Wimborne Dorset. We subsequently became good friends with Neil, appeared on many of his shows, and sung for him at his 65th birthday do!


Nick Whale

Sadly our dear friend Nick passed away February 2019

Hello. I am Nick Whale and I worked as an Air Traffic Controller for 25 years at London Centre, near Heathrow Airport, London. I then came down to Bournemouth to teach at the Air traffic Control College, Hurn, Bournemouth Airport.

I met Neil in a Poole café, (Blue Moon Chairman) through a mutual interest in aviation, where he asked me if I would be interested in joining Blue Moon Entertainers Amateur Theatre to help back stage. As this was something new to me and of interest, I agreed and joined. As a result I have learnt a new side of life and just how interesting it is to see how a show is put together, which I find most enjoyable!

I have become a very keen Blue Moon member, and am Neil's Stage Manager!

Tina May

Hi all. Well I’m Tina, and first met Neil to do a good old show, called “OLD TIME VARIETY SHOW. This was based on the TV series “THE GOOD OLD DAYS”.

I have worked with Neil for Many years now, and in fact, he asked me to direct a few of his shows. I used to perform with a live band singing blues songs, in hotels etc.

I now do most of Neil’s poster and programme designs, whilst running my own business from home


Margeret Rustici

Hello. I’m Margeret, wife of Mike Rustici, also in Neil’s shows.
I am retired now, but used to be in charge of “Front of House” at Neil’s shows, plus was his “treasurer”.

I love being involved with shows, and very much enjoyed working with Blue Moon Entertainers. Me and Mike also love performing at venues doing “Morris Dancing” In fact we gave a display on one of Blue Moon’s shows, Old Time Variety Show!

Me & Mike also help run a pantomime society locally.

Graham Hendicott

Graham Hendicott

Sadly my dear friend Graham passed away in October 2021 after a short illness.

Graham started my website for me, and under his guidance, we put it together some years ago now. 

I knew Graham for many years as both of us drove buses locally, he was advancing to inspector.


Evelyn Walsh

Hello I'm Evelyn, and have been in several of Neil's shows over the years, including Old Time Music Hall.

I met Neil some years ago, and he immediately liked my style of singing, Vera Lyn, war time songs, plus many others. I perform in several venues around the area with my own solo performances.


Stuart Brown

Hello There , I'm Stuart, I'm 76 and help Neil & his crew/cast in the background.

I met Neil some years ago, but got to know him more when we drove two old cars in a charity raising road run called " Monte Carlo or Bust" with 2 other cast members; Mike Rustici and Phil Redgrave. Great fun for 10 days about four years ago in 2017 covering, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, finally Monte Carlo!


Namphet Marshall

Hello. I am Namphet, and have worked with Neil on Blue Moon for many years now.

I met him when he came into my shop for electrical lighting parts, and we chatted about what he did. I immediately asked if I could join his group. This I did, mainly helping backstage with sound & lighting, but indeed, on stage too. Leading a horse through the auditorium in many shows!

Neil is great fun to work with, hard work, but fun!

We too have become friends and its been lovely to become good friends with all the other members!


John Sheehy

Hello there. Well I'm John and come from Dublin Ireland.

I have been in several of Neil's shows, doing mainly comedy, but also, back stage crew.

I met Neil some years ago whilst in the audience whilst watching one of his shows., and asked if I could be in one. Yes was his answer, & we have been good friends since!


Penny Thorne

Hello I’m Penny. I have worked with Neil in Blue Moon Entertainers for many years now, after first meeting him during a show in Panto, in the wings about to go on stage, which I nearly missed!

I love doing shows with Neil, as they are always good fun to do, mainly comedy related variety shows.

We became good friends since our fist meeting, and Neil had worked with my ex husband Ashley Thorne for many years at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, learning his trade under Ashley’s guidance!

Sam and Doreen

Doreen Jagger

Hello folks. Well I’m Doreen, that's me on the right. I have worked on Neil’s shows for many years now, enjoying working with him. Its great fun. Now in my 80’s, I have slowed down now, but used to do tap dancing, including teaching it.

I used to be a school teacher in my younger years, which started me off performing in shows. Now at home quite a bit, I help look after dogs for friends.

I also sing in another society locally.

Sam and Doreen

Sam Richardson

Hello, I’m Sam, Good friend of Doreen's, that's me on the left. Like her, I thoroughly enjoyed working in shows with Neil at Blue Moon Entertainers. I have worked with him for many years now.

Also, my late husband directed shows too, and knew Neil.

I love performing, and my rendition of “My Old Man Said Follow The Van” is not to be missed. I too, like Doreen, sing in another local group.

Jean Roach

Hello. I’m Jean Roach, and have played the piano & keyboard for quite a few shows local to Poole in Dorset.

It was at one of these shows I first met Neil, and he chatted to me about shows in general, and would I be interested in playing for him in his shows. This I did, and have done many shows with him, which are always good fun, and he always insisted I also play the “Black Notes”!! ha ha.

Other Performers in our previous shows


Barry Rawlings


Carolyn White


Lydia Haywood


Jacky Roe

Our Dancers

Our Dancers

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