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Poole Dorset
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Ref Name Pic Avail Desc
1_113Cadillac ./scenery/1_113_400.jpg Y8ft x 2ft 2 pieces edged
1_114Lady on old phone to Santa (b&w) ./scenery/1_114_400.jpg Y7ft x 4ft no edge
1_115Santa on phone (b&w) ./scenery/1_115_400.jpg Y7ft x 4ft no edge
1_116Oscar awards ./scenery/1_116_400.jpg Y7ft x 2ft edged 4 pieces
1_120Large Movie cameras ./scenery/1_120_400.jpg Y6ft x 2ft edged 2 pieces
1_122Laural & Hardy ./scenery/1_122_400.jpg Y6ft x 2ft erdged 2 pieces
1_124Two jesters ./scenery/1_124_400.jpg Y6ft x 4ft edged 2 pieces
1_126Jesters on uni cycles ./scenery/1_126_400.jpg Y6ft x 4ft edged 2 pieces
1_128Sherrif ./scenery/1_128_400.jpg Y6ft x 2ft no edge
1_129Cowboy sign no spit etc ./scenery/1_129_400.jpg Y4ft x 1ft no edge
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